Need To Replace Your Roof? 2 Questions And Getting Cedar Roofing

If the time has come to replace the roof on your house, you will have several options available when it comes to roofing materials. One material that may be on your radar is cedar roofing. These two questions will address some of the concerns you could have about selecting the material. Will It Be Difficult To Match Cedar Roofing Shingles To My Home's Color? A misconception about cedar roofing shingles is that they do not come in a variety of styles and colors, which will cause your new roof to not match the existing color of your home. [Read More]

Little One Make A Mess On Your Tile? 2 Simple Ways To Remove The Stains

Silence is golden. That is, if you don't have toddlers. If you do have toddlers, silence could mean that you're about to find a mess. If you just found out that your toddler has stained the grout, you're going to need to act fast if you want to prevent permanent damage. Here are some homemade cleaning solutions you can use to get rid of two common grout stains. Permanent Markers [Read More]

3 Easy Ways to Enhance Existing Landscaping

Landscaping plays a big role in the curb appeal of a home. Well planned landscaping can make a home seem inviting and well taken care of while poor landscaping can do the opposite. Often the landscaping around a home is in good condition but doesn't offer a lot of wow factor. Completely removing the existing landscaping is not necessary in these situations. Adding just a few new features is a great way to enhance existing landscaping without having to go through a full landscape replacement. [Read More]

Stick It Before You Pick It: Try Wood Floor Stickers Before Installing Permanent Hardwoods

Making the switch from linoleum to wooden floors gives you a chance to change the entire landscape of your home. If you are not sure that you are ready for the investment of wood floors, but would like to try out the look, consider wood floor stickers. With wood floor stickers, you can apply a number of wood floor widths and wood floor stains to find your wood floor soulmate. Here are some places to try wood contact paper for several months before making the final investment in hardwood flooring. [Read More]