The Repairs Your Wood Fence May Need After Wind Damage From A Storm

A wood fence is a classic addition to a home. However, wood will deteriorate over time. That means you'll want to call a fencing company to install a new fence before your fence gets old and vulnerable to storm damage. While an old fence might have a greater chance of being damaged by strong wind, it's possible for a new fence to get blown down too. Here are some tips for dealing with a storm-damaged wood fence and some repairs that might be necessary.

Panels Damaged By Wind

Strong winds in a bad storm are hard to predict. Part of your fence may get blown down while none of your neighbors are affected. Once it's safe to go in your yard, take pictures of the fence for your insurance company and give them a call to talk about coverage for replacing or repairing the fence. Then, start the cleanup by gathering the panels and other pieces from your neighbor's yard and stacking them to be hauled away or replaced by the fencing company.

If the panels are only loose or blown down and not damaged, it might be possible to put the same panels back up by attaching them to the posts. However, if boards are cracked or broken, you'll probably want to have them replaced. If you have kids or dogs you want to keep in the yard, then you want the fence to be sturdy and not weak from storm damage.

Posts Twisted Or Damaged By The Storm

Wood privacy fences are vulnerable to damage by strong winds since there is such a large flat surface for the wind to press against unlike a chain link fence that lets wind blow through. In addition to blowing panels off the posts, the wind can also snap off a post or crack it. In addition, the concrete footing can be damaged even though it's buried in the ground. The damage is caused by the twisting and leaning of the post that's sunk in the concrete.

When you're cleaning up the mess after a storm, you may want to leave the posts as you find them. The fencing contractor may be able to use the post as a lever and pop the footing out of the ground, which is easier than digging up the concrete when a post is snapped off. If the post is leaning but in good shape, then it may be possible to make it sturdy again by adding concrete to stabilize the footing. If the post is damaged, it may be necessary to remove it and replace it with a new post.

A wind damaged wood fence can often be repaired, especially if the fence is fairly new. When the fence is old the wind may splinter the wood or blow pieces apart, and that increases the chance you'll have to have the fence replaced rather than repaired by a residential wood fencing company.