3 Reasons Spray Foam Insulation Works Well For A Detached Garage

Whether you consistently use your garage to work on vehicles or projects or your garage serves as your man cave, having your garage properly insulated is important. Many people opt to have a garage built after they buy a home, and oftentimes, this garage does not get finished out the same way as the home itself, especially when it comes to insulation.

Whether due to trying to save money or trying to get the job done quickly, insulation is something that may be pushed aside at the time of building your garage, but adding insulation after completion is fully possible. Spray foam insulation is an excellent option for a detached garage. Here is a look at why spray foam insulation is a good solution for your garage. 

Spray foam is just as good as roll insulation.

Insulating a structure that has four exterior walls can be tough. There are more points where air and heat can escape because all walls are in contact with the elements. Therefore, finding the most efficient insulation is the only way to make sure your garage can stay heated or cooled efficiently. Spray foam does an excellent job at filling in all the cracks and crevices that rolled insulation doesn't always get to, so every wall gets a better layer of protection. 

Spray foam insulation is a cost-effective way to insulate your garage. 

Spray foam insulation for your detached garage can be in two different forms: either open-cell or closed-cell. Open-cell spray foam insulation tends to be the least expensive at $0.44 to $0.65 per square foot of space covered. Closed-cell spray foam is a little on the higher side because it is a little more efficient and the materials are more expensive. You can expect to pay between $1.00 and $1.50 per board foot of installed insulation. With these numbers, it will not be all that costly to have a small garage insulated. 

Spray foam can be completed quickly. 

If you want a type of insulation that can go in quickly so that you can get on with whatever it is you do in your garage, spray foam insulation services are the way to go. The contractor can fill a wall with insulation quickly because the foam spreads out on its own. It is not at all uncommon for a contractor to get a fairly large garage done in as little as a few hours.