Three Questions For Home Builders

After perusing the different homes in your county, you might decide that you'd rather spend your money on a custom home. Building a home that no one has ever lived in before can be very exciting, but you'll have to work with a solid home building company to ensure that the home is constructed well. When consulting home builders, use these questions for better understanding of both the process and the outcome.

Do You Choose Non-Toxic Materials? 

If you or someone living with you has asthma, allergies, or other respiratory issues, the materials used to make a custom home should be of utmost concern to you. Many builders use lumber, particle board, and other materials that can contain toxic compounds such as phthalates and formaldehyde. These toxic compounds can give off vapors or otherwise disturb the respiratory system.

To ensure better breathing conditions for everyone in the home, consider working with healthy home builders that focus on non-toxic materials during construction. Find out whether traditional particleboard is used and what kinds of adhesives will be utilized so that you're aware of what's going into your new home.

Who Is Responsible for Permits?

As someone who might not have any experience with custom construction, permit applications and permits themselves may be somewhat of a mystery. You might realize they're needed but not understand when applications are to be submitted or what aspects of construction require that documentation. Your builder will likely discuss permits with you, but you need to most understand whether they will push those applications through on your behalf or whether you will need to submit them. Because the property is yours, you're likely to bear most if not all the responsibility, so talking about permits early on is key.

Can I Choose the Floor Plan?

Some home builders work off specific floor plans. This helps them to move more quickly; if they're working off one of five floor plans they offer buyers, everyone is used to the work, and it can be finished sooner. However, you might have your own ideas about how the floor plan should look. If so, ensure that you can use your own plans and discuss what the timeline will be with those changes.

These questions reveal information that will keep you abreast of changes and details related to your custom home. With your home builder's guidance, your new house should be everything you expect.