Demolishing An Old Patio & Constructing A New One

A patio is very convenient for creating an outdoor space for hanging out with family and friends. However, if the patio isn't large enough to accommodate everyone along with the grill and furniture, it can be less enjoyable. If you don't spend much time entertaining guests on your patio because it is so small, constructing a new one that is able to meet your needs is worth considering. You may actually be able to do the work on your own to save money on labor costs, but you might need help with some parts of the project. Browse through the information below for guidance on getting rid of your small patio and replacing it with one that has a sufficient amount of space.

Professional Demolition Is Ideal

Before new patio construction can begin, you must get rid of the old one. Demolishing concrete can be a difficult job as it is solid and will not break up easily unless the proper equipment is used. You can buy demolition equipment, but it isn't worth it because you will likely only need to use it for your patio project. Going the route of hiring demolition services to break up the concrete on your behalf is in your best interest. Keep in mind that professionals might also be able to provide other services that will be handy for the project, such as removing the concrete from your property.

Purchase a Shovel and Rake

If you intend on constructing the new patio on your own, important tools to have are a shovel and rake. You will basically have to level out the ground to prepare it for the patio materials to be laid out. The shovel is handy because you will be able to dig into the ground to ensure that the pavement materials will be even with the ground surrounding the patio. The rake will be handy for gathering rocks, trash, or anything else that is on the ground and must be removed before the pavement materials can be laid out.

Use Bricks for a Unique Look

Bricks are a great pavement option if you are undecided on what to construct your patio with. You will have the ability to create a unique look using the bricks as they can be placed on the ground in any way that you desire. You can also mix and match different shades of bricks to create the look that you are going for.