What To Do When The Garage Door Won'T Open Or Close

Having a garage in your home is a great benefit in bad weather. It is convenient for many reasons and if you have a power garage door opener on the door, you don't even need to get out of the car to open or close the door. But what happens if that door stops working? There are some things you can check before you call the repairman.

Check the Batteries

It might sound a little silly and basic but in many cases, the door not operating is because the batteries in the controller are dead. They are easily changed but you should check that the door works with the button inside the garage if it won't open with the remote. If you replace the batteries and it still will not open or close, you might need to replace the controller or have the antenna on the opener checked out. While that is not something you can check on your own, it can be checked out by a garage door service tech.

Check The Breakers

If the door does not open using the remote or the switch inside the garage, you might not have power to the opener. Check the breaker in the breaker panel to be sure there is power to the door or the garage. If the door was put on a circuit with a lot of other things, it is possible that the breaker tripped and the power consumption for the circuit is too high. If it happens a second time, there is a problem with the circuit and you need to have an electrician come and check it out. If the light on the opener works but the door does not operate, there is another issue that could be related to the safety switches on the door frame. Check them to make sure there is nothing breaking the beam but if there is not, do not try to adjust them.

Time To Call The Repairman

If you have checked the obvious possible issues and the door still will not operate, there could be something internally wrong with the opener or the door could be binding on the frame somewhere. This is the time to make the call and get someone out to look at the door. There is little on the door or opener that you can adjust yourself and some of it would be dangerous to try and do without the right tools and training. The best option is to call a professional to take care of the repair and make sure it is done right.

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