3 Tips To Keep Your Pool In Great Shape All Summer Long

With summer comes numerous opportunities to head outside and have fun. But if you own your own swimming pool, you can have a lot of fun right in your own backyard. That said, you'll also want to make sure you keep up with regular pool maintenance tasks to keep your pool clean and functioning properly all the way to Labor Day. Here are three pool maintenance tips to keep in mind this summer.

Skim and Scrub on a Regular Schedule

If you want to keep the pool's filter systems clean and working efficiently, you should do your best to remove debris from the pool on a regular schedule. Start skimming your pool daily, removing leaves and other debris before you jump in for the day. You should also keep an eye on the sides of your pool. Algae can start to build up in these areas over time, but a good scrubbing will keep things looking great. You can probably get away with a good scrubbing just once a week.

Monitor Chemical Levels Daily

Maintaining the right balance of chemicals in your pool water is a critical task if you want to keep the water clean and free of gross bacteria that can make the water look dirty or murky. Get a chemical tester and quickly check it each morning. You don't need to be adding different chemicals every day, just keep an eye on things and make sure the levels are not getting too far out of whack. Pick a weekend day for when you will actually add additional chlorine or other chemicals as needed and then repeat these tasks every week.

Monitor the Water Level

You'll also want to make sure that the water level is just right. Ideally, aim for it to always be about halfway up the opening of your skimmer. The water level can increase quite a bit after a long storm but you can restore it to previous levels with a submersible pump. If the water level is too low after a day of your family splashing around, just add a garden hose and fill it back up. If you make a major adjustment to the water level, make sure to again inspect the chemical levels before you head inside for the day.

A regular schedule of skimming, scrubbing and managing the water's chemical balance and level will keep your pool in great shape all summer long. If you encounter a problem, reach out to a local company offering pool repair services, like Heritage Pool Plastering, Inc., for assistance.