Considering An Awning For The Front Of Your Business

There are many businesses that have awnings on the front of their building for various reasons. Sometimes the awning is there to provide shade out front for people to sit on a bench or at a table, other times they may provide a way to keep the sun from streaming in the front windows. Whatever the reason for adding an awning to your building, deciding to do so comes with a few decisions to make.

Following The Rules

The first thing you need to do when considering an awning for the front of your business is to check your lease if you do not own the building. Some building owners will not want you to put an awning up because it requires drilling holes in the building or may change the look of the building. Check your lease or call the building owner or manager to ask about installing an awning before you get started. It might just save you a lot of time if they are not going to allow it anyway.

Choosing A Style

One of the first things you need to do is look at the many different style options on the market. If you are in a historic building, trying to find an awning that fits with the building design is going to make it look like it belongs there when it is complete. There are a lot of companies that you can work with to get your awning and if you need one custom made, sitting down with the manufacturer to discuss the options is a good place to start. Once you settle on a style, the awning can be made to your specifications and installed on the building for the world to see.

Auto Or Manual

Another thing to consider is how the awning will open and close. A manual awning will require you to go out and turn the crank by hand to extend or retract the awning. In good weather that is okay but if it is raining or snowing our, that may not be too appealing. Automatic awnings with electric motors are available that allow you to push a button inside and retract or extend the awning but also adds the potential for additional things to break down or not work properly. In either case, the installer can come out to make adjustments if you do have problems with the awning after it is installed.


While placing an add on your awning is not going to look good, putting the name of the business on the awning is pretty common. Talk to the manufacturer if you are interested in doing something like this for your awning. They can tell you what the extra costs might be and what can be placed on the awning. Letting is normally easy, but complex logos or images might not look good after they are printed on the canvas so you might want to avoid them and go for a simple and elegant look for your awning.  

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