Drapery And Window Treatment Care Guidelines

Having beautiful draperies on the windows in a home is a common feature that many people will want. These window treatments can both help to improve the appearance of your windows and allow you to have a much greater degree of control over the way that sunlight enters the room. However, draperies can be fairly delicate, which can make it necessary to understand the unique care needs of your new window treatments.

Protect The Draperies Against Sun Damage

The sun is a source of tremendous wear and tear for window treatments. The sun's intense light, heat and energy can start to break down the concentration of pigments in the fabric. You will need to protect the window treatments against this wear if you are to keep them looking beautiful. To protect your draperies against sunlight, you should have a tinted film applied to your windows so that these forces from the sun are greatly weakened or completely blocked. If you do not want to have a tinted film added to your windows, you can install a thick liner for your draperies to absorb the sun's energy.

Hem Draperies That Touch The Ground

It can be difficult to accurately anticipate the way that your new draperies will fit on your windows. This can lead to situations where the bottoms of your new draperies on in direct contact with the floor. Coming into contact with the floor can allow dirt and dust to gather on the draperies, which can cause them to develop unpleasant smells and to become discolored. If you incorrectly judged this distance when you were buying the draperies, it can be possible to have the excessive length of these curtains removed through hemming.

Move The Draperies Out Of The Way When Using Glass Cleaner

When it comes time for you to use a glass cleaning product to remove dirt and dust from the panes of glass in your windows, you will want to move the draperies out of the way. These substances will be very effective at keeping the glass clean, but they can be very damaging if they are allowed to get on the fabric in the draperies as this could cause them to become bleached or otherwise discolored. When you notice that some of these cleaning solutions have gotten on the draperies, you should use a damp cloth to gently dab any spots where glass cleaner got on the fabric, but you will need to do this as soon as possible as these substances can quickly become absorbed into the fabrics of the draperies.

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