Kitchen Renovation Projects For Renters

Most families spend a significant amount of time in the kitchen. A kitchen that is not as attractive as you want it to be can make cooking meals and eating as a family challenging. While homeowners have the option of making permanent changes to the design of a home's kitchen, families who rent are limited when it comes to making structural change.

Here are three simple kitchen renovation projects you can complete to make your rental kitchen more attractive without incurring the wrath of your landlord.

1. Make your rental kitchen's shelving more modern.

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to bring a dated kitchen into the right decade, you should consider removing the hardware and doors from the kitchen cabinets.

Removing the hardware and doors allows you to create open shelving, which is commonly found in modern kitchen. Colorful dishes can help you add a pop of color to your rental kitchen when you convert your existing cabinets into open shelving.

2. Invest in some wall decals.

Although you might not be able to paint the walls in your rental kitchen a different color, you can give them a bit more style by investing in some wall decals. Large sheets of vinyl patterns can be purchased and applied to the walls in your kitchen to create a unique and stylish aesthetic.

These vinyl decals are easy to clean with a damp rag, and they can easily be removed when you are ready to move out without damaging the kitchen walls in your rental home.

3. Purchase some high-end hardware.

Elegant drawer pulls and cabinet handles can dramatically alter the appearance of your rental kitchen. A visit to your local hardware store will reveal a selection of high-end kitchen hardware that you can purchase and install in your rental property.

Be sure to keep the existing hardware (along with screws and other fasteners) in a bag so that you can remove your high-end hardware when it's time to move. Since you will be able to take the drawer pulls and cabinet handles with you when you move, you can afford to splurge on some high-end hardware to spruce up your rental kitchen.

Just because you live in a rental doesn't mean you should live with an ugly kitchen. Update your rental kitchen's aesthetic without making permanent alterations by removing the cabinet doors, applying some vinyl decals to the walls, and swapping out the existing hardware with high-end products. For advice, talk to a professional like Luxcucina.