6 Important Things You Should Do To Protect Your Basement From Fire

Your basement is an area of your home that could be especially susceptible to fire damage.

In many homes, large appliances and heating equipment are located in the basement. Also, basements are frequently used to store flammable materials.

You need to take the following six precautions in your home if you want to minimize the chances that a fire will develop in your basement:

Don't put flammable items too close to heating equipment

If you're storing highly flammable items like papers, books, and fabric, make sure you keep them at a safe distance from any heating equipment in your basement like stoves and furnaces. 

Keep burner access doors on heating equipment closed

If you have a gas furnace or water heater, it will have burners that have doors that can open and close.

If you don't keep these doors closed, they could create a fire hazard by allowing for a flame roll-out. You therefore should keep burner access doors closed at all times.

Use arc-fault circuit interrupters

Your circuit breaker may be located in your basement. A circuit breaker can create electrical fire hazards, but arc-fault circuit interrupters can make your circuit breaker more safe.

Arc-fault circuit interrupters reduce fire risk by shutting off the circuit to the circuit breaker when too much electricity is being discharged.

Have alarms installed

Like any other room of your home, your basement should be equipped with both a smoke alarm and a carbon monoxide alarm.

The increased fire risk in your basement due to various appliances makes your basement perhaps the most important room in your home when it comes to the placement of smoke and carbon monoxide alarms.

Avoid using extension cords to plug in large appliances

In many homes, laundry equipment is located in the basement. Clothes washers and dryers consume a lot of electricity. It's therefore best to plug them directly into wall outlets rather than into extension cords.

If an extension cord becomes overloaded with too many electronics plugged in, it could overheat and cause a fire. 

Clean out the lint filter in your clothes dryer periodically

If you use a machine dryer in your home, you should know about the fire hazard created by excessive lint buildup. 

It's a good idea to clean your lint filter out before every single load you put in your dryer. Cleaning your lint filter only takes a minute and will ensure that your dryer runs as efficiently and safely as possible. For more information about fire control, talk to a professional like C & Z Construction.