A Guide to Picking the Best Security Screen Door

A screen door is a must for many homes, but you want to make sure that the one you choose serves all the functions that you need it to. The following guide can help you survey your needs as well as some of your wants so that you choose a door that works perfectly.

Is the door for security or just a breeze?

People get screen or storm doors for a variety of reasons, so you need to actually list out all of the reasons you want the door. Common usages include the following:

  • To allow in a breeze while keeping out insects.

  • To provide some security when the main door is open.

  • To keep children or animals inside.

  • To provide protection from weather events.

  • To allow more light into the home.

Naturally, you will likely have several reasons for wanting the screen door. It's important to list them so you only look at doors that meet all of your needs and wants.

Do you have pets or young children?

If children or pets live in the home, then you must look at doors that can withstand abuse. Often times, children push against doors, cats climb screens, and dogs scratch at the door. This can damage some doors, but there are more durable options. Look at doors that have a solid panel on the bottom. Avoid glass panels if you are concerned about dirt or fingerprints. If you opt for a security door with bars and a screen combination, there are heavy duty screens available that can better withstand abuse.

Are you concerned about maintenance?

Opting for a heavier duty security screen door will extend its life and cut down on maintenance needs. They are usually made of of a solid wood core that is clad in aluminum or another sturdy metal. There are also all-steel doors, which are heavier but durable. A powder coat is applied to the metal so that you won't need to repaint the door.

Of course, doors with glass or insect screens may suffer damage or breakage, but you can simply replace the glass or screen. The doors will also benefit from periodic washing and lubrication of the hinges.

Will weather be an issue?

Your final consideration is weather. While a security screen door is designed to protect against intrusion, you may also need it to protect against specific weather events. Doors with a sliding glass insert are helpful in areas with high winds or cold weather, since you can close the glass during storm season. Those with vertical security bars can also provide some protection from projectiles during high wind events, while there are also options to have impact resistant glass installed.

For more help, talk to a security screen door dealer.