Speed Up Your Insulation By Renting A Cellulose Blower

Whether you are building a new home from scratch or renovating your home, a cellulose insulation blower can greatly speed up the job. It is probably the fastest and easiest way to add insulation to the area between your stud bays. Of course, most homeowners, and even most contractors don't actually own an insulation blower. It is much more practical to just rent one for a day or two. Whether you are adding insulation to a large commercial building or a single story home, a blower is the best way to get the job done. This article give you a few helpful tips for renting and using a cellulose insulation blower.

Basic Set Up

Most cellulose blowers are large enough that they need to be picked up by a truck or minivan. They are heavy, but they are equipped with rolling wheels and a handle for easy moving. They also come with up to 100 feet of hose, so you definitely cannot pick it up in your sedan.

Renting Costs

The cost of renting the blower will largely depend on how much cellulose insulation you buy. The equipment rental facility will sell the actual insulation in large 10 or 20 pound bags. The amount of coverage you can get with each bag depends on the brand, but it will be clearly marked on the package. To be safe, buy more insulation than you think you will actually need. You can always return the unused bags when the job is done. Some facilities will give you a free rental day if you buy a certain amount of insulation.

Using the Blower

The amount of insulation that you need to blow largely depends on your climate and desired R-value. Simple charts can help you calculate the R-value and suggested insulation amount. Using actual the actual blower is easy, as long as you are ready to get dirty. The cellulose is lightweight and sticky so it sticks well to the studs and plywood. However, the job gets messy, especially when you are spraying on ceilings. This is why you should wear a ventilation mask and eye protection while spraying. You basically want to spray until the entire bay between two studs is filled in. If you overfill, it is not a bad thing because you can come back and clean it up after it dries.

The spraying goes very quickly when you use a blower. The machine is easy to operated and maintain. Contact a company like All Star Equipment Rental & Sales, Inc. for more rental equipment for your project.