3 DIY Vinyl Siding Repairs That You Will Want To Know How To Do

Vinyl siding can be an affordable material to have installed on the exterior of your home. It also requires little maintenance, but it may need some repairs. There may also be simple improvements that need to be done, such as patching holes from old mechanical penetrations when you do improvements. Here are some tips to help you with all the DIY siding repairs you need to do to your home: 

1. Patching In Holes From Penetrations In Siding

Vinyl siding is a durable material but there are things that can damage it. It can have penetrations from old mechanicals when you do renovations, such as remove a gas line or relocate a dryer vent. When you have holes in your siding, you will want to patch the hole in with a small piece of siding. To do this, you will need to remove the old piece of siding and cut a piece to overlap the existing siding to patch the hole.

2. Replacing Damaged Or Warped Siding Due To Heat

There is also damage that can be caused by heat. This can be due to things like a grill being too close to your home, or a fire that is too close. Hot exhaust that blows on the siding can also cause problems with warping of your siding. To fix this problem, you will need to remove the damaged siding and replace it. You can start by taking the bottom piece off with a vinyl siding zipping-tool. Once you have the first piece loose, remove all the damaged pieces and replace them. The metal start strip may be in good enough condition to reuse.

3. Reattaching Loose Pieces Of Siding Due To Wind And Other Causes

There are also situations where you may have loose pieces of siding that need to be reattached to your home. This can be due to long open spans of wall space where siding may fall off. To fix this problem, you will need to reattach the siding. You can use finish nails to fasten the underside of the siding to prevent it from coming loose again.

These are some of the DIY vinyl siding improvements that you may want to know how to do for your home. If you need help with repairing major damage or replacing your siding, contact a building materials service (such as Hatboro Lumber & Fuel Co.) to help get replacement siding to match your repairs and all the right tools you need to complete your repairs.