The Science And Art Of Tube Bending

Successful tube bending is a combination of art and science. Many scientists, artists, machinists, and manufacturers in different industries need precision bent tubing in order to create their own products and equipment. Bent tubes are frequently used in the automotive, aeronautical, marine, medical, dental, semi-conductor, aerospace, furniture, agricultural, food preparation, and defense industries. 

A great tube bending company can bend many different sizes, shapes, and gauges of metal tubes and maintain the interior and exterior size and shape without distortion. In order to do this, the tube bending company uses a series of different shaped tool steel mandrels. These mandrels are inserted into the tube to be bent and hold the shape and diameter of the metal tube while it is bent to a precise radius and size around a bending die. These inserted mandrel sections do not allow any parts of the metal tube to be squashed, crushed, or distorted in any way. This means that, when completed, the bent tube will have full diameter interior flow without loss of exterior shape and size.

If you need to have consistent, precisely bent metal tubes, look for a tube bending company that offers the following services:  

  • Metals - A good tube bending company can bend metals such as steel, brass, copper, aluminum, titanium, zirconium, and other metal alloys. Ask your tube bender if you need to bend other metals and/or alloys. 
  • Tube Sizes and Shapes - Standard metal tubing is manufactured in different sizes and shapes. A good tube bending company can bend the standard metal tube shapes of round, square, rectangular, and oval to your specifications. Other tube shapes can be bent and manipulated for prototypes and one-off products. Ask your tube bending company for their size limitations to make sure they can bend the particular size tubing that you need. 
  • Compound Bends - Many times you may need one or more metal tubes bent in compound directions with different radii. A good tube bender can bend tubes in consecutive, compound bends around different sized dies. 
  • Volume Orders - If you are designing and building your own prototypes and manufacturing equipment, you may only need a few tubes bent. Once you have completed your prototype designs or equipment, you many need hundreds of tubes bent. A good tube bending company will work with you on your volume bending needs. 
  • Secondary Services - After bending a metal tube to the desired radius, a good tube bending company can provide secondary services to their clients such as cutting, cleaning, drilling, piercing, threading, deburring, chamfering, flaring polishing, powder coating, welding and final assembly.   

If you need a good tube bender, look for a tube bending company that will work with you on your initial concept designs and ideas and bend any metal, in any size, without distortion. When you have precision parts that are created specifically for your needs, your job of designing and producing your own products and equipment becomes much faster and easier.  For more information, talk to a professional like Accubend Inc.