Need To Replace Your Roof? 2 Questions And Getting Cedar Roofing

If the time has come to replace the roof on your house, you will have several options available when it comes to roofing materials. One material that may be on your radar is cedar roofing. These two questions will address some of the concerns you could have about selecting the material.

Will It Be Difficult To Match Cedar Roofing Shingles To My Home's Color?

A misconception about cedar roofing shingles is that they do not come in a variety of styles and colors, which will cause your new roof to not match the existing color of your home. This is simply not the case when it comes to cedar roofing shingles.

When the shingles are manufactured, they will be infused with a color at the same time. This creates a much better result than painting them, because the color will remain on the shingles even after wear and tear eats away at the top layer.

You should know that getting custom colored cedar roofing shingle will be an additional cost to your roof replacement. If you feel that your house will not work well with the standard color options available to you, it will be your only option. Also, expect additional time to fulfill your order when getting a custom color.

Is There Any Way To Extend The Lifespan of Cedar Roofing

A new roof will be a major investment in your home, and it's common to want to make that home improvement last for as long as possible. Thankfully, cedar roofing doesn't require much maintenance to do so.

Since the color of the shingle is infused into the material during the manufacturing process, they will not require occasional painting to maintain their color. Cedar also benefits from not having a protective coating applied to it, since the wood needs to breathe. Applying a protective coating can actually cause the material to become brittle over time.

The only maintenance you'll need to do is clean the shingles regularly. This can be done by removing moss that has accumulated, and getting rid of debris that has fallen on the roof.

Replacing your old roof with cedar will help improve the functionality and appearance of your house. Unfortunately, it's a job that is too difficult for the average homeowner to do on their own. If you feel that cedar roofing is the right choice for you, contract a local roofer in your area, such as Pasco Roofing, to receive an estimate to have it installed.