3 Easy Ways to Enhance Existing Landscaping

Landscaping plays a big role in the curb appeal of a home. Well planned landscaping can make a home seem inviting and well taken care of while poor landscaping can do the opposite. Often the landscaping around a home is in good condition but doesn't offer a lot of wow factor. Completely removing the existing landscaping is not necessary in these situations. Adding just a few new features is a great way to enhance existing landscaping without having to go through a full landscape replacement.


Curbing is something that is often ignored when it comes to landscaping. Many times people do not even realize that it is there. However, curbing can make a very big difference in how a landscape looks. Curbing provides strong edges and differentiation between spaces in a landscape. It can be used to separate a grass lawn from other plants or from the driveway. Curbing also has the benefit of helping to protect plants while the lawn is being mowed. Curbing is available in many different materials, including concrete and stone. It works well with a variety of landscapes and provides the boundaries that some landscapes need in order to look well maintained. Contact a service like Northern Asphalt LLC to get started.


Another landscape feature that is often overlooked is drainage. Drainage is incredibly important to the health of a landscape. A yard that drains poorly can kill plants and grass, leaving the space looking worse for the wear after rain. Luckily there are many different drainage options that can not only keep water from pooling but that can actually enhance the look of the landscape. Features such as swales, rain gardens, and pervious paving materials are great drainage options that are also aesthetically pleasing.


No matter how well-designed a landscape is, a lack of proper maintenance will drastically reduce its appeal. Some landscapes may look like they need to be completely redesigned, but many homeowners find after some basic maintenance that there is not as much work to be done as they previously thought. There are many landscaping companies willing to do basic maintenance for a fee. Installing a sprinkling system is also an easy way to ensure that the landscape is watered sufficiently without much daily work for the homeowner.

Landscaping is an important, yet often overlooked, part of the home. For those who have underwhelming or unattractive landscaping, there are a few options available. New curbing, drainage, and proper maintenance can really enhance an existing landscape.