Stick It Before You Pick It: Try Wood Floor Stickers Before Installing Permanent Hardwoods

Making the switch from linoleum to wooden floors gives you a chance to change the entire landscape of your home. If you are not sure that you are ready for the investment of wood floors, but would like to try out the look, consider wood floor stickers. With wood floor stickers, you can apply a number of wood floor widths and wood floor stains to find your wood floor soulmate. Here are some places to try wood contact paper for several months before making the final investment in hardwood flooring.

Rental homes to get a feel for the market

Depending on your region, hardwood flooring can bring a heavier price than tile or carpeted floors. If you want to update your rental, but want to know what will bring you the best interest and price, try hardwood flooring contact paper. Install the contact paper, then take professional photographs of the space. List the place to gauge interest and visit local brokers to determine how you can price your space with hardwood flooring. If the change is worth the cost, you can trade in your stickers for hardwoods.

Changing the flooring for a beautiful new home

The best time to make changes in your new house is before you have moved in all of the people and furniture. If you want to make a change in flooring, lay own wood contact paper of different shades and varieties. If possible, put down four different types that you are debating in the four different corners of the room, all meeting in the center. This way you will be able to determine what works best aesthetically near your walls as well as in the center of the room. Using wood contact paper before investing in the real thing can give you an idea of what will work best as the bones of your home.

Redo the staircase for a new room focal point

The staircase is often the focal point of any room. If you want to up the wow factor of your staircase, a change to well buffed hardwoods may be a good idea. On each stair, try a hardwood flooring shade that you find attractive. After laying down the different wood contact sheets that you like on each stair, determine which pulls your eye to the staircase in a way that enhances the room. Once you find the appropriate hardwood flooring shade, have professionals redo your staircase to make your old downstairs a more elegant dwelling. For more information, visit