2 Reasons To Install A Central Air System

A central air system is a great choice for cooling your home, mostly because of the many advantages and benefits that it can provide. You should consider a central air system because it can be energy efficient and non-intrusive.

Can Be Energy Efficient

One of the best parts about a central air system is that there are many types of units available that can help you make your home more energy efficient. Not only are there versions available that are designed to use less energy than older models and still cool your home quickly, but you can also connect some systems in a way that will make them more efficient.

For example, you can install a central air system and set it up to cool certain areas of the home at time, rather than cooling the entire house at once. This option lets you avoid wasting energy and money cooling parts of the home that you are not using. You can set up a cooling pattern that will only cool the living room, kitchen, and other rooms that are in use during the day while leaving the bedrooms alone. 

Another way that a central air system can be energy efficient is that you only need one to cool down your home. This is a big advantage over a window-mounted units that will be need to be installed in every room that needs to be cooled. Multiple window-mounted units can easily cause your utility bill to get much higher than it would be if you used only a single central air system.


Finally, central air systems are going to be the least intrusive cooling option available because the bulk of the system will be located outside of your home. With window-mounted options, you will have them in the room with you, which can contribute quite a bit of noise to the room when it is turned on.

Another way that a window-mounted unit is intrusive is the fact that you cannot really open your window if you want to air out your home since the window-mounted unit is in the way. With a central air system, you can leave your windows free to let in light and fresh air whenever you like.

Speak to an HVAC contractor, like Custom Comfort, to discuss if central air is the right choice for your home. A central air system is a great choice if you want something that offers many energy efficient options, or if you want something that is non-intrusive.