Want Better Water? 3 Things You Should Know About Water Treatment

Have you ever wondered why you still feel dirty after taking a shower? Or why your soap never lathers as much as it should? It may be because your water is too hard. Hard water contains minerals that interfere with the ability for soap to do its job. Water softeners can eliminate the hard water problems you're facing. Here are some answers to some of the questions you might have about water softeners.

What Water Softeners Do

Simply stated, water softeners remove the minerals that make your water hard. Those minerals include magnesium and calcium. However, it's slightly more complicated than that. Water softeners actually change the composition of negative and positive ions in the water. It does this by removing the magnesium and calcium ions and replacing them with salt ions.

The tank where the softening occurs is filled with tiny polystyrene beads. As the water flows through the beads, the magnesium and calcium ions are removed. That's why water softeners need salt. Occasionally, the beads need to be recharged so that they can continue working properly. During the recharging phase, rock salt is used to refresh the beads.

What Water Softeners Don't Do

If you're expecting your water softener to remove impurities and contaminants, you'll be disappointed. Unfortunately, water softeners can't make your water safer to drink. Before you have a water softener installed in your home, you should have your water tested for impurities.

You may need to have a filtration system installed along with your water softener. A water filtration system will remove the impurities found in tap water. Once you have a filtration system and a water softener installed in your home, you'll be able to enjoy clean water to drink and soft water to bathe with.

Why Water Softeners Make Your Skin Feel Slippery

When you wash with hard water, the minerals in the water leave a film on your skin. That film is what makes you feel squeaky clean. In fact, if you rub your finger along your skin after a bath or shower in hard water, you'll feel that film.

Soft water doesn't contain those minerals, so the only thing you'll feel after a shower or bath is clean skin. You may also notice that you have a hard time rinsing the soap and shampoo away. That's actually because you're using too much of the cleaning products. You'll start using less shampoo and soap once you get used to your softened water.

Now that you understand a little bit more about water treatment works, you're ready to move away from hard water and enjoy the benefits of soft, clean water. 

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