Four Things To Consider When Designing A Bathroom For Your Children

Remodeling a bathroom can add a lot of extra value to a home, but if you are not planning a move anytime soon, it is important that you focus on making the bathroom welcoming for your family. If you are designing a bathroom with your children in mind, you will need to take some extra steps towards making sure the bathroom is a good fit for them. If you take the time to design the bathroom for the special needs of your children, they will be able to comfortably use the room and avoid any issues after the remodeling has finished.

Design the Bathroom with the Future in Mind

The age of your children should play a large part when you begin remodeling the bathroom, but it is important that it is not the only thing you consider. While you will definitely want your younger children to feel comfortable while using the bathroom, you want to make sure that it will age with them as they grow up. While some fixtures, such as a shorter sink, can be replaced economically in the future, the flooring or even the bathtub should remain the same in the years to come if you are working around a budget.

Make Sure the Bathroom is Accommodating

Including features with the safety of your children in mind is crucial, especially if you have younger children that you are concerned for. Step-stools can make it easy for shorter children to reach the sink, along with handles in the shower to prevent any slips.

Focus on Including Energy-Efficient Fixtures

When doing any kind of remodeling work at home that includes electricity or plumbing, it is a good idea to make energy-efficiency a priority. Not only does this help you save money in terms of water or electricity usage, it will also help add value to your home if you ever decide to sell in the future.

Some good features to include are dual-flush toilets, CFL lighting, and even new windows that will help keep the room insulated year-round.

Prioritize Safety When Picking Materials

When choosing the materials for the bathroom, you will need to keep safety in mind since the bathroom will be primarily used by children. This means avoiding materials such as fragile glass for the shower door and sticking with padded rugs for the floors in case of a fall.

Focusing on both style and safety when remodeling a bathroom can make all the difference when the finished room is meant for your children. With the specific needs of your children in mind, the bathroom remodel can be the perfect improvement for your home.