Creating A Chef's Kitchen For Less

Kitchens are very important rooms in many households. This is especially true in homes with one or more individuals who enjoy cooking and baking. Having a fully functional chef's kitchen is a dream for many who enjoy cooking. However, creating a chef's kitchen can be very expensive. Tens of thousands of dollars can easily be spent on appliances, countertops, and flooring. Homeowners who are trying to create a chef's kitchen can quickly go over budget during a kitchen renovation project. Creating a chef's kitchen for less involves prioritizing certain kitchen features over others.

Spend Money On Appliances

Appliances are often big ticket items in any kitchen. Refrigerators, freezers, ovens, and ranges can cost thousands of dollars. When creating a chef's kitchen, which appliances are the most important will differ from person to person. Some people will find that they need a larger freezer or refrigerator. Others may want to spend more money on a larger range. Many chefs find that they prefer open gas burners to electric range tops. Electric ovens are often preferred to gas ovens. They key to spending money on appliances is to identify which ones will most affect how the kitchen is used. It is often a smart idea to add more money to the budget for an item that will be used often by the chef.

Prioritize Space With Kitchen Countertops

A lot of thought often goes into choosing a kitchen countertop. Material is especially important to many when updating or renovating a kitchen. However, there is no need to blow the budget on a countertop. While expensive marble and granite countertops are aesthetically pleasing there are many inexpensive options that are also heat resistant and durable. When choosing kitchen countertops, counter space is often the biggest priority. Sufficient counter space is a necessity for creating an easy to use chef's kitchen. 

Custom Cabinets Are Not Necessary

Kitchen cabinets can also take up a large chunk of any renovation project. Custom cabinets are a great idea for many chefs but they can be a big drain on the budget. Custom cabinets are nice but they are not a must in a chef's kitchen. Resurfacing pre-existing cabinets or purchasing standard cabinets can save money on a renovation. Also alternatives to cabinets, such as open shelving, work well in chef's kitchens. Open shelving has the added benefit of making ingredients and tools easily visible and ready to use at a moment's notice.

Kitchen renovations can be expensive, especially for anyone trying to create a chef's kitchen. However, by prioritizing appliances, counter space, and by not overspending on custom cabinets, a chef's kitchen can be created for less.