3 Ways To Add An Artistic Touch To Your Bathroom With Unusual Glass Shower Doors

When it comes to dressing up the bathroom, you really need to exercise your creativity if you want to stand out from the same usual spa-inspired designs. Most homeowners stick with clear frameless glass shower doors because they want a clean look, but you have a lot of opportunities to break out of the mold by seeking out other ideas. Try one of these three artistic ideas to elevate a basic frameless shower door into a work of art.

Colored Glass Panels

With new advances in glass dyeing techniques, it is now relatively easy to find large sheets of tempered safety glass in exciting modern colors. You can use the same color for both the walls and the frameless door, or mix contrasting shades to add more drama. You may need to order custom made glass panels if you have a very specific size or color in mind.

Etched and Textured Accents

Go beyond color and consider texture as the next step in making your bathroom unique. The most dramatic and eye-catching textures include

  • Thick ripples and waves, creating a rustic melted look
  • Marks at sharp angles to mimic the look of frost on a window
  • Diagonal and crosshatched lines for privacy
  • Round raised dots that look like bubbles.

Aside from the various rippling and frosted glass you can find at most suppliers, you can also order custom etched pieces for your shower door installers to hang. Expert artists equipped with sandblasters and etching chemicals create whatever design you want without compromising the strength of the glass.

Glowing Lights

You've likely shopped for light fixtures already for the bathroom remodel, but what about lighting up the frameless shower door itself? The most basic and affordable option involves mounting LEDs along the edges of the glass so the color light reflects through the inside of each panel. You must get the wiring professionally installed since it runs so close to a water source.

If your budget allows for it, you can even get a color changing shower door light kit. Switch between different colors and brightness levels to create a soothing atmosphere or a high energy wake up routine.

Some of these ideas work together to bring life to your favorite frameless glass shower doors. For example, colored glass is just as easy to etch as clear material, but it is a little harder to find it in a wide variety of texture options. In contrast, LED lights work best with clear glass only.