Benefits Of Metal Buildings

If you are getting ready to build a new structure for your home or business, you may be trying to decide between traditional construction and pre-engineered metal buildings (from companies like Commercial Industries Company Inc.). While they can both provide similar functions, the metal buildings provide a level of affordability and convenience that may reflect your own needs. Here, you can learn about some of the benefits of metal buildings that you may not have considered before.

Methodology Saves Time

Putting up a new building can be a time consuming process. This is one of the biggest benefits of metal buildings all the way around, from the actual installation to any repairs that need to be made. With traditional construction, even if the design is simple, you may have to make complex cuts and buy several types of material. Unless your measurements fall in line with traditional 4' x 8' measurements, this method can be very time consuming. Metal buildings use smaller pieces of material that can even be overlapped rather than cut, saving you both time and money.

Materials Double for More than One Purpose

The frame is just the beginning. You need something to keep that frame from shifting, as well as something to protect it from the elements. With metal buildings, the metal is the thing that keeps it from shifting, as well as the thing that protects the structure. Traditional buildings require both plywood for strength and some form of siding for protection against outside elements.

Repairs Don't Require Demolition

When you make repairs on a traditional structure, you're going to need to make cuts and pull out nails and/or screws. You're also going to have to be careful not to damage the frame and/or make your cuts so that you can use part of the frame when you replace the materials. Metal buildings are much easier to repair because screws hold the metal to the frame. All you need to do is remove a few screws, pull out the piece to be repaired, and replace it with a new one, using screws to secure it.

Relocation is Not a Problem

It's difficult to relocate a traditional structure because you typically have to move it all as one piece. Metal buildings are easier to move because you only need to remove some screws to take the building apart to move it. This means you can move it all in one load, or several loads, without worrying about damaging the structure. It's also easier to put metal buildings back together because you can see exactly where the pieces and the screws go, and in some cases, some of the pieces are interchangeable, so you don't have to worry about making a mistake.

On top of all of the benefits above, metal lasts longer than some of the other supplies used in structures, and requires very little maintenance. Since there are several designs and colors to choose from, even looks aren't an issue.