The Harm Of Hard Water: Why You Need A Water Softening System

Did you know that hard water can lead to you consuming too many minerals like calcium and magnesium? Hard water is not only harmful to your health, but it can also cause problems in your home that can lead to costly repairs. In this article, learn about the harm of having hard water and how much getting a water softening system will cost.

What Kind of Harm Can Hard Water Cause?

Although calcium and magnesium can be good for your health, they can be harmful when there is too much in your body. Hard water is filled with high amounts of the minerals and you consume them each time that you drink faucet water or cook with it. For instance, you are at risk of constipation, kidney stones or prostate cancer from taking in too much calcium.

The minerals in hard water can also be harmful to your appliances and plumbing system. The reason is due to the minerals creating something that is known as limescale. If you have white residue around your faucets and left on your clean dishes, it is likely limescale from having too many minerals in your tap water. Limescale can lead to a backed up plumbing system because it builds up inside of the pipes. Eventually, you will have to get the plumbing system professionally cleaned or may even have to invest in new pipes.

It is in your best interest to get high amounts of minerals removed by installing a water softening system. With a water softening system in place, calcium and magnesium will be pushed out of tap water through ion exchange. Basically, salt will be used to push the minerals out of the water. Only a small amount of salt is used in a water softening system, so it is not harmful to your health.

What Does a Water Softening System Cost?

There are many different types of water softening systems, so the price will depend on what you choose. You can expect to pay up to $10,000 for a water softening system with professional installation included. There are systems that can be connected to a single faucet, as well as the ones that can treat all of the tap water in your home by being connected to the plumbing system.

Your health and plumbing system will be better when you get rid of the minerals in hard water. Get in touch with a specialist like Albert Soft Water so a water softening system can be installed in your house!