4 Ways To Cut Concrete Pavers

Concrete pavers provide a great way to make a garden path, add stone steps to your front yard, or have a decorative patio. However, there may come a time when you need to cut some of the pavers in order to make them fit together more uniformly. There are a few different ways you can do this listed below.

Chisel and Hammer

The first method you can use for cutting concrete pavers is by cutting them with a chisel and hammer. Some people simply prefer these basic hand tools. Using a chisel and hammer works for all natural stone, as well as concrete and clay pavers. You will first score the paver where you want to cut it by using the blade of your chisel. You then place the chisel in that scored line, and tap the end of it with the hammer. After a few taps, the paver will split on this line.

Angle Grinder

There are a few different power tools that can be used for cutting concrete pavers, beginning with an angle grinder. This type of power tool cuts through concrete, tile, and stucco, so it is very versatile. It is also has the ability to give the paver a sanded or polished look. For pavers, you can purchase the smaller size grinders to get the job done. You will put on a grinder blade of your choice, place it on the area of the paver you want to cut, then turn it on. It has a spindle that will rotate as you allow the blade to grind through the paver.

Power Saw

Another power tool that is effective at cutting through concrete pavers is a power saw. The best type of power saw is a wet-cut saw, since this will cool the cutting blade and reduce excess dust with water as you cut through the concrete. Since concrete has a lot of dust involved when using a power tool, the wet-cut power saw is the way to go. Choose a cutting blade that will fit your paver and start at one edge of the paver to begin sawing through it.


Your last option is to use a splitter, which works on concrete, brick, and clay pavers. To use a splitter, you first place your concrete paver between two steel blades that look like chisels. You then press down on a lever, and the paver will be squeezed between the blades. You can get a hydraulic splitter that does much of the work for you, or a manual splitter requiring a little more manpower.

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