Benefits Of Glass Railings On Decks

Glass railings are a popular new feature of many home deck installations. If you're thinking of purchasing a deck installation of your own, you may consider a design that features a glass railing for the following reasons: glass decks are relatively low maintenance, convenient, safe and beautiful. 

Glass Railings Form Effective Wind Barriers

Unlike traditional wooden railings, glass railings form a barrier between the wind and the people sitting on the deck. Homeowners who enjoy reading or doing paperwork on their decks often appreciate the protection that glass railings offer.

In addition, glass railings are especially convenient for people who enjoy grilling on their deck. The continuous barrier formed by glass prevents the flames from fanning in inconvenient and unsafe ways. As an added bonus, glass also prevents disposable silverware from blowing away.

You Can't Beat the View

Glass railings can offer a near-perfect, unobstructed view of the yard or property beyond the house. On properties where the view is panoramic, seaside or cliffside, glass railings allow homeowners the opportunity to enjoy their deck without the inconvenience of railing postings blocking the scene.

Glass Railings are Low Maintenance

Wooden railings must be periodically stained, and rotten posts must be repaired or replaced on a regular basis. For glass railings (particularly treated glass railings with aluminum posts), there is no such maintenance. Glass railings must be cleaned regularly to ensure an enjoyable view, but this maintenance does not affect the usability or safety of the railings themselves.

Unlike wooden railings, which can become a safety hazard if not properly maintained, glass railings rarely break or require repair. In fact, glass railings are not likely to crack or warp in the heat of the sun, and will not absorb rain during times of bad weather. In other words, glass railings are what they are, day in and day out, without much need for maintenance. 

Glass Railings are Good for Homes with Children

Homeowners with children may find that wooden deck railings can present a danger to children. While there are codes mandating the distance between posts, and that distance is supposed to spaced appropriately so that children cannot become caught between them, posts can always break or be removed. Glass railings are specially treated to prevent breakage, making them extremely safe.

You Don't Have to Sacrifice Privacy to Have a Glass Railing

Property owners who value privacy over an obstructed view have the option to install frosted glass. Frosted glass has all the benefits of regular glass (except for a clear view of the world beyond), and allows propriety owners to use their deck without worry that they can be seen by the neighbors.

For more information about how glass railings can improve your deck installation, speak with your contractor before work begins.