4 Wood Deck Materials You Can Use as an Alternative to Treated Lumber

If you are building a deck on your home, a lot of the materials that are available are treated lumber. To reduce the costs of building your deck, you may want to use these materials for the structure, but you can also use other materials on other areas of your deck for things like railings and decking. Materials like cedar lumber and tropical decking can give your deck a different look. Here are four areas where you can use alternatives to treated lumber when building decks for your home.

1. Using Cedar for Facing on Exposed Beams

Cedar is a great material to use for the finishing touches on your deck. It is resistant to decay and looks great with a natural stain. You may want the frame of your deck to be built with an affordable treated pine material, but you can still get the appearance of cedar by using cedar as a face for exposed beams, and other areas of your deck such as stairs.

2. Oak & Iron Work for the Railings

Oak is an expensive material to use for a deck, but very durable. To give your deck a different look, oak can be used for things like railings. This can also be combined with ironwork to give your deck a different look than conventional decks. You can also ask a lumber supply service about other hardwoods and cedar lumber that are available to use for the railings and other finishing touches on your deck.

3. Tropical Wood & Cedar Decking Materials for Texture

Tropical wood can look great on a deck, and it is very durable. It can also be very costly, but you can also combine it with materials like cedar lumber to accomplish patterns with different colors and textures of wood. You may just want to use a tropical wood for some areas of your deck, and use the more affordable cedar lumber as the main decking on your deck. This can give you a different look for your deck that is very affordable.

4. Composite Decking Materials for Wood Grain Patterns

Composite decking is another great material that you can use for your wood deck. It is a combination of recycled plastic and wood waste materials, which is very durable. These materials can come in many colors and even wood grain patterns. If you want to have an affordable solution, composites are a great choice for decking materials, but will not be as strong as real wood materials like cedar lumber.

These are some of the areas of deck construction where you can use treated lumber alternatives. If you want to have a deck with a different look, contact a supplier of cedar lumber such as Rocky Mountain Forest Products to get the materials you need for your new deck.