The Battle Plan For Speed Cleaning A Messy Home

Let's say you have to clean someone else's home and it is very filthy. Also, you have limited amount of time to clean the home as much as possible. You may feel motivated initially, but as you look at the mess, you find yourself overwhelmed. Fortunately, by tackling the mess piece-by-piece, the cleaning service process will not seem as overwhelming.

Throw Away Anything You Can

First, throw away anything that can be thrown away. This will make the clutter seem much less overwhelming. However, before you do this, you will need to talk to the owner to identify what you will be able to throw away and what needs to remain in the home.

This can be an arduous process, but it can be made much easier if you purchase a large number of stickers. Ask the owner to place a sticker on anything that you are allowed to throw out. You may need to argue with the owner over what should be disposed of because some of the possessions might be contaminated, yet the owner may be unwilling to let them go.

Eliminate the Worst Messes

Next, begin dealing with the piles. If you have a pile of clothes, washing them will get them out of the way and take up less space, especially when they are in the process of being washed. Getting clothes up off the floor is a priority since clothing on the floor usually increases the perception of messiness more than other forms of clutter.

If there are any dishes in the sink, wash them next. While a dirty dish or two is acceptable, if the sink is overflowing with dirty dishes, this will usually cause others to perceive the home as being very unkempt.

Clean Each Room Systematically

With the major problems solved, begin moving from room to room spending 15 minutes cleaning it. Begin by wiping down the surfaces so that they are clean and then sweep or vacuum the floor. If you still have time after cleaning one room, move clutter to where it belongs and reorganize as best as you can. Also, safe less noticeable messes for when you have more time.

Clean More Deeply

After you have performed a basic cleaning, vacuum again to remove any debris that ended up on the floor. Then, begin targeting any stains that you find. You are about to reach the finish line and if you pace yourself throughout, you will make it through this marathon.