Home Windows: When They Should Be Repaired Or Replaced & The Cost To Do It

Your home windows can be held accountable for up to 25% of the heat expenses you are spending each month, even when they are in good shape. If you have broken glass, you will experience an even greater loss of energy, so you must make sure repairs are made in a timely manner. Learn when you should get your home windows repaired or when they should be completely replaced, as well what you will have to pay for them to be installed.

When Should Home Windows Be Repaired or Replaced?

It is easy to tell when home windows are only needing a repair because there will be no cracks in the glass. A repair will usually involve the window panes having to be resealed to prevent air from seeping in or out of your house. Sometimes it is the frames around the windows that may need a repair to bring them to a good condition. For instance, wooden window frames can become chipped from bad weather and need a repair.

Window replacements are vital when the panes of glass are broken or if you have a lot of air coming through the glass from the outside. If the windows are broken, patching them up will do you no good. You will continually have to pay more for energy costs until the problem is fixed.

You can invest in storm windows that have two panes of glass to make sure your heating and air conditioning system is able to efficiently regulate the temperature in the house.

How Much Does it Cost to Get Double Pane Windows Installed?

Home window replacements can cost an average of $300-$40,000 depending on how many windows are being replaced. The size of your home and quality of the window replacements will determine how much money you will have to come up with as well.

There is more than one type of double pane window that you can choose from, as some of the windows are equipped with argon gas. You will have to pay more for doubled pane windows with argon gas because the gas is able to block out because it is so dense (heavier than air).

Stop dealing with the high rate of heating and cooling your home because your windows are not in top shape. Contact a home window repair and replacement specialist so the problem can be fixed to make your home more energy efficient. To learn more, contact a company like A-1 Glass Co Inc. with any questions you have.