Why Install Rooftop Solar Panels At Your Business?

Solar panels can serve many needs for your business, including savings on energy costs, improved marketing, and lessening environmental impact. Your power costs may be constantly fluctuating. You may need to update your company's image. If you already intend to get a new roof or major repairs, then installing solar panels should be considered. A commercial roofing company like Bell Roof Co can install the supports for a solar grid while replacing or repairing your existing roof.


The cost of supplying electric power to your company can be more stable when you supplement the supply with solar power. When the solar grid is paid off, you will receive free power for years to come.

Return on investment is achieved more rapidly because of federal and state tax incentives, and rapid depreciation of the solar grid's financial value, which provides added tax savings. You can reasonably expect a complete return on investment in less than a decade. Commercial rooftop solar panel providers can assess the expense for your business and determine how long it should take for you to recoup the full amount of your investment.

After your investment is fully repaid, you will be rewarded with the benefit of free power. If your business doesn't consume an inordinate amount of power, you may be able to supply all of your electricity with the proper solar array. You may even be able sell excess power to the local power supplier, who are often mandated to buy excess electricity produced by renewable sources.


Many socially conscious consumers are eager to purchase products from a company that relies on renewable energy sources to minimize their carbon footprint. Companies that are legitimately able to market themselves as "green" are also sought by contractors who are mandated by local laws or customer stipulations to purchase products from environmentally friendly manufacturers. Businesses that convert to renewable energy sources are also seen as cutting edge and in step with modern technologies.

Environmental impact

Excessive use of fossil fuels may or may not be a contributing factor in climate change, but it is universally accepted that it is a major cause of pollution. Although technological advances have improved efficiency in the use of coal and other carbon fuels to generate electricity, they can't compete with the harnessing of the natural energy of the sun in producing the power that we need. Protecting the earth while saving money is a win-win situation for everyone.