Losing Your Cool: Three Mistakes That Can Hinder Your Air Conditioning System

You may understand that your home's air conditioning system needs new air filters every month and a routine cleaning once a year. What you may not know is that some of the things you do on a daily basis could be causing more harm than good to your air conditioning system. Here's a look at three common mistakes that you could be making right now to sabotage your home air conditioning system.

Running Your Exhaust Fans Too Much

The exhaust fans in your kitchen and bathrooms are great for keeping moisture and humidity at bay, but they should be used sparingly. Run your bathroom fans while you're in the shower, but make sure that you shut them off shortly afterward. Otherwise, the exhaust fans may start drawing the cool air upward into your attic, forcing your air conditioning to work harder to maintain the temperature in the house. That can tax the system, causing the wearable parts in the air conditioner to fail sooner than you might have otherwise expected.

Ignoring Window and Door Drafts

In order for your air conditioning to be efficient and maintain a consistent temperature in the house, you need to make sure that you aren't introducing more warm air to the house unnecessarily. One of the biggest culprits for adding warm air to an otherwise cool home is the space around your windows and doors.

To find out if your windows or exterior doors are seeping air, you'll want to have either matches or a lighter on hand. Hold the flame near the perimeter of the window or door and watch for it to flicker. If there's air seeping around it, the flame will not burn steady.

You may also be able to reduce the temperature transfer through and around the windows by adding thermal shades. These shades allow light to come through without permitting the heat from the sun's rays through. This will help you maintain a more consistent temperature indoors.

Blocking the Air Conditioning Vents

Whether you're on an interior decorating kick or you just rearranged your furniture, you should make sure that you didn't block either the vents or the air returns for your air conditioning system. Blocking either of these things will hinder the efficiency of your system by reducing the air flow through the vents and into the air conditioning unit. Keep your furniture, rugs, drapes and other decor away from the vents and returns of your home's climate control system for the most efficient operation.

When it comes to keeping your home comfortable throughout the summer, your air conditioning system is key. With the information presented here, you can avoid three of the most common mistakes that could cause your home's air conditioner to struggle. Talk to places like Discount Heating & Cooling for more tips.